• Temptation

    All photo was make in Koh Phangan, Thailand. for me this was interesting coz for few month photoshoots in island i was very happy to change natural decorations. So we was rent room in hotel, and make very sexy photosession.

  • Над проектом работали:

    photograph - Nataly Buhaienko

Father, mother, son, bike

with bike

  • Father, mother, son, bike

    Wonderful and unusual guys from Odessa. They puzzled me from the first meeting saying they want pictures as they ride the bike the three of us! But everything turned out fun and sunny as wanted on the bike!

  • Над проектом работали:

    photographer - Natalia Buhaienko

Yana and Max


  • Yana and Max

    My magic Yana and Max! Very fun and sincerely held a photo shoot! I like to work with your friends!

  • Над проектом работали:

    photographer - Nataly Buhaienko

Anastasia and Sergey

cloudy Phangan Island

  • Anastasia and Sergey

    Phangan Island is beautiful even in cloudy weather. This adds some taking pictures "cine" and the drama.

  • Над проектом работали:

    (Русский) фотограф - Наталья Бугаенко

    персональный фотограф
    фотосъёмка историй любви
    Украина, Тайланд, Панган, Самуи

Polina and Maxim


  • Polina and Maxim

    Beautiful body and passionate emotions. In life, it is important to not find a soul mate, because by nature man is whole. It is important to find someone able to share all your emotions and feelings. Love each other.

  • Над проектом работали:

    (Русский) фотограф - Наталья Бугаенко

    персональный фотограф
    Тайланд, Панган, Самуи